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Here we will put Tennis Programs, Games, and Software that you can download..

To save a file just right click the link and choose "save target as" or "save".

Personal Tennis Coach - Will keep a record of all your matches and practice sessions, analyze your strokes, keep a library of stroke tips and practice drills and keep you organized. With this information you will be able to more effectively plan your practices and match strategies. (Size: 342 kb)

Tennis Elbow is an interesting game designed for those who enjoy playing challenging tennis matches. Play against the computer or up to three of your friends across a local network or a modem. You can use a variety of input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, or joystick, to activate players on the screen. Once registered, the game allows you to participate in the 90 World Tour Championships and play against the 250 top-ranked players in either singles or doubles matches. Choose to play on up to five different court surfaces: clay, grass, cement, synthetic, or indoor. The program is DOS based but can be played in Windows. Tennis Elbow Part 1, Tennis Elbow Part 2 , Tennis Elbow Part 3 (Size: 2.14 MB)



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