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Free Aussie Stuff

These are some of our favourite Australian places to get free stuff or make free money on the internet.


Rewards Central is an Australian company offering CASH rewards for reading your email.! You are also rewarded for taking surveys, online shopping, referring friends,and various other things. Your points even earn interest in their ebank. At the moment just logging in each day and clicking on an advertiser's link earns you points, and if you are lucky, you could win a jackpot of 10000 or so. Many ways to earn here, apart from receiving the paid email. This is probably the best Australian site for earning rewards. If you only want to join one reward company then this should be it.


My Opinions Be rewarded for your opinions! Join MyOpinions today! A great survey site. They send out regular surveys and you can quickly accumulate points which can be exchanged for cash!


A fantastic place to go to find competitions and freebies for Australians! Access 100 million dollars worth of competitions



Pure ProfileThis is a service called pureprofile, brought to you by Australia Post. Pureprofile is a privacy compliant service, where you receive payment for receiving and responding to relevant e-mail and SMS messages sent to you.



Spider Metrix Spider Metrix
As a Spider there, you earn spiderPoints when you help them with their web site evaluations and quick surveys. These can be redeemed for rewards such as CASH, GIFT CERTIFICATES, or even GIFTS. It's easy and lots of fun! Click the banner below if you are interested in the results of their evaluations.


Free Donations

These sites can be visited once daily to make free donations to very worthy causes. Click on the logos.

Save RainforestThe Rainforest Site It is estimated that we are losing 2 acres of rainforest every single second. The rainforests produce 40% of the oxygen we breathe. Click on the button above to save rainforest. There is NO cost to you. Sponsors pay to preserve the rainforest.


The Hunger Site The Hunger Site Click here to donate cups of staple food to a hungry person

The Landmine Site The Landmine Site Help landmine victims heal and resume productive lives - at no cost to you.


Free Donation.com
FreeDonation.com This site allows you to make donations free of charge for many worthy causes such as food for the hungry and vaccines for children.


Solve Poverty .comSolve Poverty Click here to help poor families break out of poverty and help educate a child

The Breast Cancer SiteThe Breast Cancer Site Donate free mammograms

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