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ServerMiscellaneous tips on the Serve

These are assorted posts from Greenlees tennis players and visitors. Some of the posts you should listen to -- others you should not. Enjoy!

The serve is one continual motion any pauses will do nothing but slow the serve down. This also means that you take the raquet back slowly. Then accelerate.

Top Spin Serve: Using the "Chopper Grip" the ball toss should be placed straight above your head, as if throwing the ball up a drain pipe, the racket should then be in the back scratch position, the forward motion of the racket strings will then apply top to the ball, the bounce should then kick up, making the return (from shoulder height) difficult for the opponent, especially if they are short.

On serving, pretend the ball is an egg. By holding the ball lightly, you increase the accuracy of your toss.

When tossing the ball for your serve, try holding ball lightly with finger tips, tilt wrist upwards, then toss. Tossing underhanded could mess up accuracy.

Always stand around the baseline on recieving service, this gives you time to think about your next shot, and reduces the chance of ace, works especially on first serve.

upon playing a decent first serve, follow through and continue the run to get to the net, this will confuse your opponent, and may force them into playing a rushed strike.

Keep your tossing hand high up in the air longer for a deeper/more consistent serve

If U want to hit your serve in more often remember to visualize where is the box U want the ball. but remember to watch the ball and ONLY the ball when U start your motion


For the guy who was asking for help on his "over 100 mph" serve, listen up. How hard you hit the serve is a very small part of your serve. Your toss needs to be good. and your motion needs to be fluent. If you can somehow round up a bunch of balls, go to a court and practice just serving. I had to do that for about 3 years until my serve came but, now, I have a 65% first serve at well over 120 mph. You can also just take one ball and practice your toss. Your toss should be about 1-2 feet into the court if you let it land. and try pointing your left toe(I assume your right-handed) towards either the right post or your opponent. As far as second serves go, try asking someone about a "kick-serve" or learn how to use spin. Spin is key on a second serve because you don't have to hit the ball all that hard to create a tough return for your oppenant. I learned a kick serve and when I hit it to their backhand it makes for just as hard of a return as my first serve because it kicks up 5 to 7 feet. Learn a second serve first though. Then work on your first serve.

When serving, imagine an imaginary line just in front of you, the 12 O clock line, toss the ball at 1 o clock for righties and 11 o clock 4 lefties. On serve swing raquet behind head and then hit your normal serve in!!!!!!!!!!! .

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