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Tony Lee's Professional Tennis School

Featured Greenlees Player

Tennis Player Moving Player of the month is Simon Ede. Simon is one of Tony's pupils who is 12 years of age. Tony considers Simon a player of outstanding potential. Congratulations to Simon for his efforts.

Click here for more details of our current and past featured players.

Other Players

Greenlees has a lot of other talented students and players. Many of our students have achieved inter-district, state and nationally ranked levels. Some of current young players with ability include Kasey-Lea McGill, Dane Maberley, Bosco Cheung, Emma Yuen, Vishaal Sharma, Eleanora Monforte, Michael Lakomy, Vanessa Loje, Stefanie Cardillo and Ben Lee. More names and profiles coming soon!!

Squads at Greenlees

Greenlees Junior SquadThe following players have been selected as Greenlees representative players in our Under 12, 14 and 16 squads. This qualifies them for free court hire when there are available courts and 20% discount on purchases and racquet re-stringing. We are pleased to announce the selection of our new Under 12 squad.

Under 16 Boys squad

  1. Revantha De Silva
  2. Bosco Cheung
  3. Ben Lee
  4. Olivier Manuel
  5. James Creswick
  6. Theeban Rubasinghum
  7. Joshua Lumby
  8. Andrew Falzon
  9. Adrian Lory
  10. Luke Scifleet
  11. Chris Doyle
  12. Adriano Fulnari
  13. Antonio Cassaniti

Under 16 Girls squad

  1. Kasey-Lea McGill
  2. Jessica Lumby
  3. Emma Yuen
  4. Paula Kelly
  5. Sarah Woods
  6. Frances Miller


Under 14 Boys squad

  1. Vishaal Sharma
  2. Rami Tageldin
  3. Dane Maberley
  4. Michael Lakomy
  5. Michael Coffey
  6. Marco Raicevich
  7. Evan Richards

Under 14 Girls squad

  1. Eleanora Monforte
  2. Shobana Rubasinghum
  3. Katerina Kizilos
  4. Ramya Kumar

Under 12 Boys squad

  1. Simon Ede
  2. Camryn Cooper
  3. Dean Spanos
  4. Allan McKenzie
  5. Tim Campbell
  6. Andrew Doyle
  7. Hugh Richards

Under 12 Girls squad

  1. Dina Tageldin
  2. Carla Monforte
  3. Joanna Murphy

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