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Our Big Day Out at the Starlight Cup

On the 26th November 2000 we had a great day out at the Starlight Cup Tennis Day at the Homebush Bay NSW Tennis Centre. The Starlight Cup is an annual event that raises money for sick children and is a very worthwhile charity. Here are some of our photos from the day. As you can see we kindly consented to allow some of the Aussie tennis players to have their photo taken with us.


Tony, Alex and John Newcombe ( triple Wimbledon champion, Davis Cup captain, ex World Champion)

Casey and Jaslyn Hewitt



Kasey with Jaslyn Hewitt (Junior champ and Lleyton's younger sister)


Toney and John Alexander



Tony with John Alexander (ex Australian number one and Davis Cup hero)

Tony and Mary Jo


We actually took this photo at the 2001 Adidas International Tennis Tournament, but this seems the best place to put this photo. This is Tony with Mary Jo Fernandez who was there watching the tennis.

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