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How to Hit a Topspin Serve in Tennis

Service ActionThe topspin serve is a variation of the slice serve. It gives you another option to confuse your opponent.

  1. Assume the normal service posture (feet sideways to the baseline, hands down and weight on the back foot).
  2. Begin your serve as you would any other, by bringing your hands up together while simultaneously shifting your weight forward.
  3. Position the ball toss more directly in front of you or slightly over your head.
  4. Attempt to catch the ball on its bottom centre.
  5. Swing fast and aggressively, hitting up on the ball to enhance the spin. Racquethead velocity is essential for good spin.
  6. Follow through as you would with other serves.
  • Be aware that the toss position is the main difference in any serve.
  • Attempt this serve (as well as the kick serve) only if you have no lower back problems. These serves require good lower back flexibility.


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