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Well done, you have managed to make it to my web site!

Here below is where I live, wonderful Sydney Australia (actually this was taken on a Christmas Harbour cruise, I live inland by a 45minute ferry or train trip from this spot in the photo...)

YY-MM-DD -- Time here:

A better view.. at New Years Day 2000

Here I am, with Erica....and a cheesy grin!

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Personal Interests

Cars, cars and cars
You might notice from these pages I have a bit of an interest in cars, V8 Super Cars & 2L Super Tourers just two good links....
Hey, something even better than 2litres (and sometimes the V8s...) the GTPs (GT production cars).... These guys show how to drive normalish cars, great event here in Australia.

See the GTPs here...

<--this was my baby......

now it is this---> here: 

and the one I would really would like to have (with some of my work's sponsorship on it!)....


Emulators seem to be my favourites, as they play those games on your PC that you never thought would ever get to it.

MAME (multi-arcade-machine-emulator) for those of you not in the know is great, Wonderboy, my all time favourite, spent loads of cash and went everywhere to try to find it when the better games started replacing it in '89..

PSEMU (playstation emulator) for anyone who owns a playstation, but wants to get a game happening on your PC instead (e.g. Gran Turismo...), or check out the commercial emulator at, which seems to be quite stable for a few games I tried, but no 3d or sound on the demo : (

Action Half-Life is a great mod of Half-Life that makes the game quite realistic, with real weapons (not rocket launchers...), It is a great multiplayer mod. There is dedicated server code for Solaris, Windows, and other platforms, and there are plenty of on-line servers around running this mod.... one of the most popular mods (began as Action-Quake2)

Southpark: Well if Foxtel hadn't taken Southpark away from free to air here..... but you can still check it out at
<--Click on this and try the resultant piccy for a background picture... (Windows users convert to .bmp or use plus! or active desktop)
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Some OK Sites

One day I will get around to putting some more favourites here.

  • The Dennis Mustang Page, a page I helped start off, it seems to have transformed to a pretty good page......
  • My workmate, Samir, who seems to be getting Frontpage to do its stuff a bit better than my effort with Front Page Express...
  • Another friend Darren, who has quite a few java app games.
  • For WonderBoy (& other arcade emulation) See Davesclassics at his new URL...
  • UAE (Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator) for emulating my poor outdated Amiga, in windows!
  • V8 Super Cars & 2L Super Tourers
  • Southpark hacks at
  • PSEMU (playstation emulator)
  • Action Quake for a great Quake2 Action Half-Life
  • Tips for "fixing" your PC : ) funny!
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    Last modified: November 09, 2006