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Uncy Herb's Essendon Fan Rant
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Uncy Herb's Essendon Fan Rant

Online home of the ranting fan in the outer

Sneak peak inside EFC's new TV ad

Head over to the Pictures page for an inside exclusive of the shooting of the Essendon Football Club's upcomming TV ad.

TV Rights: The Rant

So 7 & 10 have jumped into bed and Packer and Eddie are bleeting about it.

What's the deal?

Eddie claims that 7 don't have the best interests of the game at heart and could kill the game (either because of 9 not bidding, or through the court proceedings which 7 have taken because of the previous bidding round).


Seems that Eddie (like most TV commentators) has a touch of selective memory. McGuire's statements of the new 7-10 consortium being bad because it doesn't promote competition are exactly what 7 accused 9-10 and Foxtel of in 2001.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander Eddie!

As far as claims that 7 never promoted AFL the way 9 have... you only need to look at the broadcast scheduling of games north of the Murray to see that 9 has hardley been altruistic in its coverage. Games starting at Midnight, or later, into Sydney or Queensland have been the norm on a friday night for 9. Packer's boys had even claimed that the footy couldn't be moved because of Burke's backyard... a show they recently axed.

By all reports, the falling out between 9 and 10 has been over the rights to broadcast the finals. With 10 having the right to show all finals, including the big one, they would have to have been burnt badly by 9 to jump ship to 7, who will split the September action should they win the 2007-2012 broadcast rights. There is really only one explanation for this: 9 wanted to take the finals off 10 in the next deal.

Now this might be a nice, corporate decision, but you need to look beneath the surface to understand what this means.

Insiders have suggested that 9 is LOSING money on its AFL coverage... and the simplest way to recoup those losses is to sell finals advertising. Without the finals the AFL broadcasters run at a loss. 10 know it, 9 knows it, and 7 knows it.

But due to 9 having the rugby, they weren't able to show everything the AFL has to offer. So they needed 10 to join them. What's changed? Nothing... except that Packer knows he's losing money on the deal. Come 2007 what would 9 show into Sydney or Brisbane if there were and AFL final and Rugby League final at the same time? I would bet my nuts on the ARL being shown before the AFL... so why should we fans believe 9 has the best interests of the game at heart?

Beyond this is the question of McGuire's conflict of interests. Why should a president of a club, and thus someone who should be hoping for the best rights deal, be vocally protesting a corporate announcement by a new consortium? He shouldn't if he is the Collingwood president! The statement he made on the footy show was written by his bosses and should have been delivered by his bosses. The fact that they made McGuire deliver it shows that, once again, he is unable to understand that he must put his club and the game above his personal ambition. Droping a few dollars the way of the bulldogs doesn't excuse him of this responsibility.

Now I'm not suggesting that channel 7 are completely free of stains when it comes to AFL broadcasting. Certainly it seems difficult to claim collusion between parties is anti-competitive when you follow the exact same tactics yourself.

However most Essendon fans would be pleased with the concept of not having Eddie, Brereton and Lyon pushing their own barrows and agendas via AFL coverage on 9. The 'saw that evil', 'replayed that evil', and 'got that evil charged at the tribunal' monkeys wouldn't be missed by who aren't Collingwood supporters.

LLoyd breaks forearm and fans hearts

Sheedy had nursed the team through the pre-season, but with just over a half of footy left before the real 2005 season started Matthew Lloyd was sidelined. Lloyd broke one of the bones in his forearm (the ulna if you must know) in a tackle attempt on Brad Ottens.

The break will probably see a plate inserted into the multiple Coleman medalist's arm and see him miss at least the first 4 weeks. Realistically, the velvet sledgehammer could easily miss the first 6 games: more than a quarter of the season.

With Hille, Laycock, Rioli and Winderlich (who injured his knee in the same practive match loss to the Cats) also unlikely to line up for the Melbourne game, Essendon look set to start the 2005 season behind the eight-ball, and with a dramatically reduced chance of making the eight at all.

(You know Uncy Herb is depressed when ryhmes start passing for editorial!)

The seriousness of Lloyd's injury will probably only become know in about 6 weeks when the Dons start naming him... no matter if he's ready to play or not.

Oh well... at least it's a change from the hamstring injuries that we've been suffering like dandruff at a church 30 something mixer.

2005 'who gives a rats clack' cup underway

What a joke...

Essendon went into the first round wizzer cup game without 7 of our best 10 players, while Carlton went in with a full strength team.

Why? And more importantly, how do we fix these mis-matches?

Head to the 2005 pre-season page where I run off a radical idea that would solve the pre-season farce.

Exclusive Pictures: Cricket & Football

As the pre-season continues, Uncy Herb has been out to Windy Hill with the digital camera to snap of a few pics. The first trip was to catch the bombers as they took on the Aussie cricketers in a game of hit-and-giggle. The most recent trip was to grab a look at the boys as they got down to hard training.

Head to the pictures page for a look at these exclusive shots.

Uncy Herb guest on SEN with Francis Leach.

In honor of Sheedy's 800th game of footy (549 of them as Essendon coach) Francis Leach asked yours truly to join him in the studio to discuss some of Sheedy's highlight (and mad) moments at the helm of the EFC.

Some of the moments I shared with Francis and the listeners were:

Sheedy threatening to pull on the boots in 1981 after a poor start to the season.

The aftermath of the 1983 grand-final capitulation where Sheedy tore strips of the partying players and set up the drive to win the next two flags (more on this story in the "back on top" section of the history pages).

The masterful moves of Sheedy at 3/4 qtr time during the 84 GF.

The 1st QF against West Coast that included running an extra player on the field and bench before the game, and the jacket waving that followed the win.

Plus many more...

Thanks to Francis and the afternoon team at SEN 1116 for having me on for a chat. Stay tuned for further installments as sometime "coach in the outer".

History of the Bombers on sale!

The people over at Australian Football Video currently have the "Bombers - The history of the Essendon Football Club" DVD available at a discount price. Instead of the usual $29.95, the DVD is being offered at just $19.95. It covers the history of the club in detail from the era of Dick Reynolds right through to the cur rent players and coach. The documentary includes narration by club favorite Tim Watson.

For more videos and DVD's that have been pre-selected for your enjoyment, have a look at the history pages. Each page includes videos and DVD's that are of relevance to the period you are reading about. For more videos and DVD's that have been pre-selected for your enjoyment, have a look at the history pages. Each page includes videos and DVD's that are of relevance to the period you are reading about.
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