John Chow, TCM doctor, acupuncturist, healer, masseur, teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Arnis/Eskrima


Homepage of John Chow of Melbourne, Australia
Homepage of John Chow of Melbourne, Australia



A very warm welcome to my personal webpage.

My name is John Chow.

My interests are martial arts, spiritual arts, and healing.

I have been teaching martial arts and related arts since April 1977. I teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, meditation, Filipino martial arts Ė Arnis/Eskrima (Kalis Ilustrisimo), and spiritual path. The lineage of Cheng Man Ching Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in Malaysia is special in that Push Hands and combat applications is emphasised. In addition, I also emphasise Tai Chi Boxing.

I also practise Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage and healing.

From the 30 years experience of teaching the martial way, I have created my own modules of Easy Arnis, Easy Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chi Kung for Arthritis, Vajra Boxing, Vajra Push Hands, and so forth.

Through my practice and teaching of martial arts, I hope to instil discipline, confidence, alertness, sharpness, awareness, humility, health, fitness and sense of purpose in my students.

Through my practice and teaching of Chi Kung, I hope to benefit the community by promoting health and vitality, and alleviating the health problems, discomfort and suffering of the sick and weak. Health and vitality are the birthright of all human beings.

As a healer and medical practitioner, I combine physical medicine (herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutrition) with acupuncture, massage, cupping, gua sha, etc), therapeutic health exercises such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung, as well as spiritual practices to make the healing more effective. I hope to be able to operate a genuinely wholistic healing centre that practises natural physical medicine, health exercises, massage, and spiritual medicine.

I also wish to set up a centre for continuous practice of prayers and meditation practice which can be used to benefit all who are in need. Special attention will be given to healing, and spiritual care of the dying.

Through my practice and teaching of the Path, I hope all of us develop the virtues and qualities that the Creator of the Universe intend for us to return to him via application of correct body, speech and mind in dealing with and caring for his creation.

I have firm faith in the Creator of the Universe as our source and father. Through his blessings, may I, together with all friends with the same intentions, be able to accomplish his purpose on Earth.

Although I usually mix with Buddhists, I am non sectarian, and I feel equally at ease with any religion. Just like it is the many polished facets that make a diamond sparkle, it is the lofty teachings of every religion that proclaims the glory of God. The accomplished wise loving saints of every religion are jewel ornaments adorning the paradise that God created for us. For God, there is absolutely no room for religious vilification, nor conversion. Salvation is possible for adherents of all religions.

Through this webpage, I would like to make many friends, exchange ideas, knowledge and skills, get to know others better, and learn about things that I wonít have heard about. I hope this will benefit many people, and help make my dreams come true.

Thank you very much for looking me up.

I entrust you to the care of God. May God bless all of us abundantly.

Yours sincerely, in Godís name,
John Chow


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