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Kerri Valkova - Graphic Design (Visual Communication) RMIT, 1991 - runs her own successful freelance graphic design business full time. She is currently drowning in work and not taking on any new contracts. To see her professional site, CLICK HERE!


Illustration is a hobby that began at an early age. As an 8-year-old she was asked if she wanted to be an artist when she grew up and the answer was, “No! They don’t make enough money.” It’s true, unless you’re dead and in demand. Both fortunately and unfortunately, she is neither. Now she just does work to please herself and occasionally gets published for money, although her unpaid work is more prolific. Over the last 10 years she has won two ASFMAs (Australian Science Fiction Media Awards) for Best Artist and one DITMAR (Australian Science Fiction Achievement Awards) for Best Fan Artist and another DITMAR for Best Professional Artist, as well as a host of prizes at various Science Fiction Convention art shows. She has had her work published in dozens of science-fiction, fantasy and horror fanzines, magazines, newsletters and short story collections.


Kerri has also been an avid costumer for several years and has competed and won in the Master Class at the Annual Australian Costumers’ Guild Ball.. twice. She has also won several awards over the years at various costume parades and balls for a variety of science fiction, fantasy and historical costumes. She is perhaps best known in costuming circles (and Star Wars Fandom) for several appearances in her “Princess Leia Slave Girl” costume from “Return of the Jedi” for which she won an OBI (awards of achievement presented by Starwalking Inc - the Australian Star Wars Fan Club) probably because she is mostly naked in it.


She sets up a photographic studio in her loungeroom with an assorment of fabric backdrops, flood lights and desk lamps - the queen of improvisation. Mostly she photographs friends who can’t afford a real photographer. She takes strong black and white portraits that she can rarely resist scanning in and digitally touching up. Mostly she’ll just airbrush out a pimple, soften hard shadows, change the background, tidy up some hair or brighten eyes... but she loves it when someone asks her to digitally add a tattoo or remove wrinkles or a double chin... that’s a challenge. She only charges the cost of film and processing, and photographs who she damn well pleases, not necessarily who asks her.

On top of all that, she lives a whirlwind life with three fish, two cats, one husband and an adorable little daughter... who put up with her. She’s a very busy girl!

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