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Princess Leia Slave Girl
from Return of the Jedi

Princess Leia Slave Girl

Princess Leia Slave Girl
Princess Leia Slave Girl

I was going to my first big Star Wars banquet and wanted to make a new costume... something that would blow everyone away. I spent about 5 minutes trying to think how I'd make stilts to be a Tautaun, then thought "Bugger it!" and started planning the bikini. 'Cause let's face it, a Tautaun would be cool, but Princess Leia's Slave bikini would be hot! I figured there might be other girls there in the bikini, so I vowed that mine would be the best. I didn't have any clever metal-working skills so turned my hand to a more familiar medium... papier mache! Yep, believe it or not, the entire costume (minus the skirt, of course) is made from the A-K phone directory! :-) Well, I turned out to be the only Leia Slave there, so boy, did I get a lot of attention!

That first night I wore it was the most massive buzz! I've never been photographed so much in my life! Kenny Baker could hardly believe what the bikini was made from... see a photo below of him tapping it to make sure it was 'durable'! And yes, they are Ug boots (Sexy? Not!) I'm wearing with the costume... I ran out of time to make the real boots, and the middle of winter was too cold to go barefoot. I've worn the bikini many other times in promotional Star Wars appearances... once in front of a huge crowd in the centre of Melbourne (Australia)... the appreciative roar from the crowd, as I came onto stage, was thrilling!

There was almost an embarrassing accident once... I was walking onto stage at a banquet costume parade, just about to drop the cloak I was wearing to keep warm, when the side of the bikini snapped, sprang loose and the entire bottom half dropped to the floor leaving me butt naked - literally! The crowd was a little confused by my momentary drop to the floor, mad scramble under the cloak, and reappearance in the bikini with hand firmly on my hip... I did my whole presentation with one hand holding the bikini bottom together, praying the other side would not break! No one guessed!!

Click here to see how I made my slave bikini.


  • "Best in Show" Combined Star Wars 20th Anniversary Banquet & 6th Annual SF Ball (Melbourne, June 1997)
  • Obi Award for "Best Costume - 1997" presented by Starwalking Inc, Australia
  • "Hall Costume award" Australian Costumers' Guild 2nd Annual Ball (Melbourne, July 1997)

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