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Antarctica, the fifth largest continent on the planet, is also the driest and coldest. Just 2500 kilometres from Australia, the temperatures can fall as low as -64 Celcius during the frigid, dark winters and seldom rises above 0 Celcius during the days of 24 hour sunshine of summer. The very name Antarctica conjures up visions of white, alien landscapes, great adventure, terrible danger and tragedy. A harsh, frozen wilderness of incredible beauty and mystery almost untouched by human interference. The Antarctic Treaty was drawn up by International agreement to safeguard this unique continent's fragile landscape and ensure its rich resources are only used for peaceful purposes.

Australia through The Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE), has maintained bases in Antarctica since 1947. Scientists at Mawson, Davis and Casey Research Stations carry out exploration and research studying geology, meteorology, biology, glaciology and geomagnetism.

Call in on our Australian bases, see what the weather is like at Mawson, Casey and Davis Stations. And Much more at the Australian Antarctic Division web site.

Plus take a look at the fabulous "Antarctic Adventure" in Hobart, Tasmania

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