Encounter With Ka

"Ka?" She says,
a small finger points,
we step to the door,
fingers smudging the glass.

"Ka", she says.
I cuddle her close,
weighty in my arms,
solidily anchered to life.
I breath the warmth of her curling, dark hair,
the sweetness of her excited gasp,
feel the tug of her grip as she struggles to look.

"Ka", She says,
shining eyes wide,
emphasising the wonderous feat of the word,
and the mesmerizing scariness of the terrible thing,
beyond glass,
with pitious meow.

"Ka", she says,
I open the door wide,
quick as a flash she clambers up to my brow.
Clinging to my head in a
as 'The Terrible' marches in to the room.

"Ka!" She says,
boldly leaning out of my arms,
she glares down at the creature that dares to alarm.
Certain, as she is about most things in life,
that her affectionate Nanny will keep her from strife.
and all that is furry
and terryfying
and meows
can never come up where Alysia goes.

"Ka", she says,
nodding her wise, little head.


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