Pity us souls of time's transient moment,
blazing, flickering stars of disquiet.
Our restless searching in a sightless Universe,
where cretin physics rules a heedless void.
Our frantic seeking the treasure of all-knowing
bring us trembling to the brink
of an indifferent abyss.

In confusion we loiter along the crowded pathways,
truant Life's deceitful, multifarious trails,
surrounded by the seething simpletons of creation.
We are fugitives from an unmindful corral,
trailing our broken dreams behind us,
become misshapen miscreants on the way
to a heavonless hell.

What matter if the True Path become rocky,
if luminous goals become warped by view.
If dreams we held most dearly become disfigured,
if a bright, new age become the old unknew.
We make our pacts with the cruelest landlord,
tossing out dishonest comforts for the bleak
and righteous new.


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