A Warm December Night

Peace has settled on the dark city streets.
Parched paddocks and farms rest quiet.
Warm, silent night has its bewitching spell cast
Over a world in hushed anticipation mired.

Christmas lights, like Earth bound stars,
Twinkle tinsle bright, in festive trees suspended.
Porch lights, like friendly, midnight suns,
Blaze welcome to all intended.

In shadow painted gardens, sweet honeysuckle drifts,
Red balsam with white geraniums pale glimmer.
Under the red bottlebrush's sheltering arms,
Cheerful petunias in their party hats gather.

Small, hot children toss about in their beds,
Impatient for a bright Christmas morning.
Dreams full of snow, parcels and bows,
A merry jingle of faraway bells returning.

All through the land, together, we gather
To celebrate this cheerful, old rite.
And sense the enchantment on the warm summer breeze
This wonderfully expectant December night.


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