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We all of us, gardener and non gardener alike, have an ideal, a vision, of what our perfect garden might be like. There can be few of us who do not respond positively to a naturally lovely view. Beautiful gardens stir something in even the most blinkered and jaded of us. Something so deep and instinctual that we are unable to resist its charm, to look away unmoved.

For some of us our ideal garden is a real garden. One that we may have seen and always remember as our perfect vision of garden heaven. Or perhaps we are lucky enough to own it! For others the ideal garden is a thing of pure imagination and dream. Perhaps something unattainable and even the dream itself not a thing to be shared.

I have come across many lovely gardens that in some small part have come close to my vision of an ideal garden but none have ever fully satisfied whatever it is within that yearns for perfection. Here is a collection of different gardens, some very real, others only imaginary, to tantalize and inspire.

Weird Gardens

"Although I never was much good at traditional gardening, it turned out that in the artful arrangement of trash I had found my callin."

Virtual Gardens

Come take a sticky beak at the virtual gardens of the internet.

Garden in the Ruins

See how a garden is developed around an ancient ruin theme.

Moonlight Gardens

Discover how to design a garden that glows by moonlight

A Garden For Moonlight

"A moonlight garden is best built above the sea, for the moon never shines so brightly as on salt water......"

by Ethel Anderson

Temple Gardens

"Around many Temples in Ancient Egypt there were sacred lakes or sacred pools.....
Cornflowers, mandrakes, poppies, daisies and other small flowers were grown among the trees..."

Gothic Gardens

"Need an idea for your garden? Don't want the same old pansies and marigolds this year? Here's thirteen ideas for making your garden a more gothic place."

Lost Gardens

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan
Something about this romantic story of the rediscovery of a lost, historic garden of Cornwall inspires the Indiana Jones in all of us

McKee Lost Jungle Gardens
These lost gardens in Florida first opened their gates to the public in 1932 but this once popular attraction closed in 1976, after years of neglect.
Now the Jungle Gardens are being restored with some surprising finds amongst the ruins.

Jungle Gardens

How about building your very own native hut down the back garden? Some shruken heads hanging from the doorway would really get the neighbours wondering.

Winter Gardens

There are gardens designed to look their best in winter.

The Impressionist's Garden

500,000 visitors discover Monet's garden each year.

Japanese Gardens

The Japanese are undoubtedly the masters of garden illusion. Here a range of mountains and vulcanic peak are reflected in the shinning waters of a vast lake.

Water Gardens

Garden of Dreams in the Pacific North West of the USA is a stunning example of a water garden


A totally unique & award winning water garden in Tasmania, Australia

Pond & Garden Magazine's Readers Ponds

Rooftop Gardens

"Rooftop Refuge in the Asphalt Jungle"

"Container gardening aloft requires vigilant care, but the rewards are ample."

Dream Gardens

There are gardens that can only exist in dreams and imagination. Here is one gardener's vision of 'Garden Heaven' in the
Walled Garden.