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Winter Gardens

This Japanese style garden, while looking wonderful during the warmer months, looks even more attractive in the winter when it's clever design comes to the fore.

During winter months the backbone structure of the garden emerges and it's importance can be fully realised. When the drappery of greenery and petals drops away, any short comings in a garden's basic structure become painfully obvious. There can be no more depressing a sight than waterlogged, untended lawns, bedraggled trees and graveyards of defunct flower beds. Where in the warmer months we might have forgiven and enjoyed a certain lack of structure for the sheer exhuberance and vitality of the season, in the long, dreary winter months that same lack will assult the eye and depress the spirits.

Strongly structured gardens, that might seem too regimented at other times, now come into their own. Even poorly designed gardens with a strong structure will look better than the damp tangle that most plots become at this time. While a well designed garden will be a visual delight to it's owners and draw admiring looks of appreciation from passersby. With carefully chosen structures such as gates, pathways, walls, pergolas and statuary, plus the wise choice of plantings that favour form and foliage colour above blooms, we can create a garden which will gladen our gardeners' hearts in the dull, grey months and make the winter something to be savoured rather than merely endured.

The Oriental style of garden, such as this Japanese one with it's strong, formal design, are a pleasure to view in any season because they rely much less on showy, short lived blooms and more on structure, shape and foliage colour.

Ponds and other design features make up the basic structure of a garden and are it's saving grace when all it's colours fade to green and grey.

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In all it's myrid forms, the sturdy conifer is a versatile choice for most gardens. When grouped together, as here, their varying shapes, sizes and colours create an attractive vista even in the depths of winter.

With careful choice of plantings even the bare branches of trees can add colour to the winter garden. This is Acer palmatum 'Senkaki'.