Remember these guys from the
Canada Blooms Show?
Well I loved them so much I made my own.



Charlie & Mabel at tea time

These are my terracotta people. Instead of playing chess, they are having a nice cup of tea. I fashioned them out of terracotta pots. The terracotta tea set is mine I have had for a few years. Their Names are Charlie and Mabel. Their arms and legs are made from jute rope and small terracotta pots. Charlie & Mabel have Hens and Chicks for their hair.

Charle and Mabel are having a tea party 
in front of the Tool Shed. 
Sometimes they have English Breakfast and ....
........Sometime Earl Grey

Charlie & Mabel have hair of Hens and Chicks.
Charlie & Mabel are so proud they have made it on to 
Virgo's Aussie Garden site in the Folly links. 
Thanks !

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