Summer Flowers

A good garden should have many plants that look interesting whether in flower or not. This is especially necessary during the drab winter months. But when the warmer seasons come it has to be the flowers that take pride of place. Be it the perky little faces of the pansies or the stately blooms of the bush rose, flowers dominate and define the the summer garden. Although it is actually the spring that is the most rewarding season in this corner of Australia. Each year I try a few strangers out in the hanging baskets and the garden beds but the old favourites usually turn out to be the most reliable. Alysium; Pansies; Petunias; Lobillia; Geraniums; Fuchsias; etc; they never seem to fail me and, like dear old friends, turn up season after season. Undemanding and co-operative.

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Dipladenia Sanderi "Rosea"

A barrow full of pretty pansies
and a lovely Hydrangea behind

Beautifully scented "Angel Face" Rose