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    Lawson Avenue is typical of many suburban, three bedroom homes in Melbourne. In a seaside suburb on Port Phillip Bay, if we climb on the roof and stand on tip toes, we can just see the sea. We have to contend with salt laden sea air and dry, sandy soils which swallow up a lot of water during the summer months.

    The land slopes gently. While the road outside meanders downhill like a dark river, between rows of moored houses and pretty, well tended gardens. Down to a pool of green that marks the entrance to a small public reserve and stream. The road then climbs again, over a rise and out of sight.

    We are blessed with a Water Catchment Reserve which begins behind the houses directly opposite ours. For this reason Lawson Avenue has an abundance of wildlife, especially birds. We get Roselles, Eastern Honey Eaters, Mountain Parrots to name merely a few. The occasional visit from a noisy family of Kookaburras is a delight.

    There are the usual Possums that pound across the roof in their lead lined boots during the night. These days residents are obliged to keep their pets, including cats, housed up during the night to protect the native wildlife. Hopefully this should see a greater increase in the numbers of native species in the area as time goes by.

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