Spring Flowers

Spring is a very rewarding time for flowers at Lawson Ave. Previous owners have had the foresight to plant a garden that is full of spring colour with now fully mature Camellias and Rhododendrons of many species and colours taking pride of place. Given shade and a little water to survive the summer, they thrive in this southern climate.
Azaleas are more of a problem. Though the climate is good for them, perfectly healthy plants, when planted out in the garden, fade away within a year, or two if you are lucky. But give them a nice big pot to snuggle in and, like this beautiful lipstick pink specimen, they will grow plump and sassy.

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The heady perfume of Jasmine is synonymous with spring in this part of the world. The plant itself can be invasive and untidy in the extreme, running wild over more polite plants, strangling trees and buildings alike. A gardener needs to take a firm hand with these pretty delinquents of the garden. With wise placement and a sharp pair of secateurs to any tendril that dares to make a break for it, Jasmine will not turn feral and can be enjoyed as the beauty it is rather than scourge it can become.
The many Camellias in the gardens of Lawson avenue are around 20 to 25 years old and, like this lovely red specimen, survive well in the sandy soils and mild climate of the Mornington Peninsula with very little attention. Given fertilizer, a little shade and enough water through the harsher summer months they will do much better than just survive. Growing stately and attractive, with glossy, dark green leaves, and putting on a glorious show of colour in late winter and early spring.