_ About Us
We are a fairly average family which happens to like Vizslas. Find out more about us. There's a bit about how we chose them and what we like about them.

Our Dogs
Our Vizslas are Amy, Shaula and Cedar (all girls). Find out about them, and what we like to do with them. See some of the puppies we have bred and find out about planned litters.

Vizsla Information
What is a Vizsla? What's good about them? What's bad about them? Why should - or shouldn't - you have one? What are they like with children? How do you take care of one? Find out here.

Fun Stuff
There's all sorts of good stuff in here. There are pictures of Vizslas having fun, some Vizsla stories, even a Vizsla desktop theme I made that's free for you to download.
Contact Us
Would you like to contact us? You may like to comment on the website, tell us about your Vizsla, or perhaps you are interested in a puppy for yourself. We would like to hear from you.

Cedar as a puppy

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