Lace Coat Hanger Cover

1 ball worsted weight yarn
Size F crochet hook
3 yds double edged eyelet lace 1" wide
2 yds double sided satin ribbon
Padded coat hanger ( adults size )

Row 1: Ch 82, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each ch across, turn.
Row 2: Insert hook in first dc and in first eyelet of eyelet lace, yo, draw yarn through eyelet and through dc ( sl st made ), work 1 sl st in each dc and each corresponding eyelet across, turn.
Row 3: Dc in each st across, turn.
Row 4: ( beading row for ribbon ): Ch 3, dc in next dc, * ch 1, sk next dc, dc in next dc * rep from * across, turn.
Row 5: Ch 3, dc in each st and in space across, turn.
Rows 6-9: Rep Rows 2-5.
Rows 10-11: Rep Rows 2-3. Fasten off leaving a sewing length.
Hook: Work 38 sc around hook, fasten off. Put a dab of glue on end of hook to stop sts sliding off.
Finishing: Weave ribbon over and under each dc of beading row. With wrong sides facing, sew across each end of cover. Turn right side out and put coat hanger inside, then sew across bottom seam.