Red Wreath
Size is 4" across
#10 bedspread weight thread.
11" x 4mm strung imitation pearls
1/2 yd x 1/4" satin ribbon
Two 10mm jingle bells
4" gold thread
Size 5 steel hook

NOTE: Love knot (lk): *Lengthen the lp on hook to desired length, yo and draw new loop through st on hook, insert hook under thread that was drawn up for new lp and work 1 sc *(one knot stitch made). Rep between *.

Rnd 1: Ch 48, sl st in first ch to form ring, ch 3, dc in same ch, dc in next ch, ( 2 dc in next ch, dc in next ch) around, join with sl st in top of ch 3 (72dc).
Rnd 2: Ch 4, sk next st, ( hdc in next st, ch 2, sk next st) around, join with sl st in 2nd ch of ch 4 ( 36 hdc, 36 ch sps).
Rnd 3: Ch 1, sc in next st, lk, ( sc in next st, lk ) around, join with sl st in first sc, fasten off.
Apply fabric stiffener to Wreath. Glue pearls over centre of sts of Rnd 1, trim access and starting at centre back, weave ribbon through sts on Rnd 2. Run thread through both jingle bells, glue ends to centre top of ribbon. Make bow with rem. ribbon and glue to centre top.