Rustic Rug

Materials: 4 ply worsted weight yarn = 8 oz. brown; 3 oz. tan; 2 oz. each rust and cream.
Crochet hook size G-6.
Measures approx. 30+1/2" x 15+1/4" including fringe.
Gauge: 12 sts and 5 rows dc = 2".
NOTE: Always start with ch 3 instead of first dc of row.
Background: With MC, ch 170 + 3 (first dc) + 1 (first sp).
Row 1: dc in 6th ch from hook, *ch 1, skip 1 ch, dc in next ch *, rep from * to * across (85 sps), turn.
Row 2: dc in first dc, *ch 1, skip next sp, dc in next dc *, rep from * to * across,  turn.
Rows 3-37: Rep. row 2. Fasten off.
Weaving Pattern: Cut 46" lengths of yarn as follows- 57 strands of A, 27 strands of B, 27 strands of C. Leaving 5" fringe lengths at each end, weave 3 strands of A over, then under dc in row 1. Leaving fringe lengths as before, weave 3 strands of B under then over dc in row 2. *maintaining alt. weaving pattern and using 3 strands of each colour, weave next row with A, next row with B*, rep from * to * until all rows are woven.
Finishing: Making an overhanging knot close to the background edge, joining fringe lengths of each ends of rows 1-2. Make a knot, joining fringe lengths in next two rows in same way. Cont. across short edges, joining all fringe lengths in this way. Trim fringe to measure 2-3".