Sock Tops (girls)

Materials : DMC Pearl Cotton #5 (5 gm each ball).
Crochet steel hook size 7 for popcorn stitch and size 9 for V-stitch
Each trim is approx. 1/2" wide.
V-st: (Dc, ch 3, dc) in same st.
Popcorn st (pop): 5 dc in same st, drop loop from hook, insert hook in first of 5 dc made, draw dropped loop through.
Always start with ch 3 and end with sl st in first sc or third dc
POPCORN ST: Rnd 1: With larger hook, join thread at center back top edge of sock rib , ch 1, *sc in raised rib, ch 4, skip recessed rib* rep from * to * around working an even number of loops, sl st to join, turn.
Rnd 2: Sl st to first ch 4 loop, *pop in loop, ch 1, sc in next loop, ch 1 * rep from * to * around. Fasten off rep rnds 1 - 2 around top edge of other sock. Turn cuffs down and sew a ribbon if desired to outside of each cuff.
V-Stitch Trim : Rnd 1 : With smaller hook, rep Rnd 1 of Popcorn Trim.
Rnd 2: *(Dc, ch 3, dc) in sc, sc in next ch 4 loop * rep from * to * around. Fasten off.
Rep rnds 1 - 2 around top edge of other sock. Finish same as other sock.