Christmas Bear Ornament
Aluminium crochet hook size H.
1" plastic ring.
2 x 7mm wiggle eyes.
1 x 1/4" black pom pom.
5 or 6 pieces of 10" of red yarn (for hair).
4 ply worsted weight yarn in camel colour.
Small amount of red felt (for mouth).
Craft glue.
Gold metallic thread to hang on tree.
Ch 4, sl st in beg. of ch to from ring; dbl cr 8 times in ring, dbl cr 16 times in plastic ring.
Ch 4, turn, sl st in top of 16th dbl cr to form ring, turn, dbl cr 8 times in that ring to make other ear, sl st again in top of the 16th tbl cr and fasten off.
Take red yarn and fold in half, take the ends and place in the loop and pull tight in plastic ring. rep with other pieces of red yarn. Cut red felt to shape of mouth and glue mouth and eyes on as shown in photo. With craft glue, glue sides of both ears to hair.