Christmas Door Chimes

Size 25" long
Worsted-weight yarn - 1 + 1/2 ozs. white, 1 oz. each red and green.
9 plastic rings cut from 6 pack beverage holders.
3 jingle bells.
Crochet hook size H and P.
RINGS: Make 3 of each colour.
Rnd 1: With H hook, working around one plastic ring, join with sc around plastic ring, work 35 more sc around ring, join with sl st in first sc (36 sc).
NOTE : for picot, ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook. Rnd 2: ch 1, sc in first 4 sts, picot, (sc in next 4 sts, picot) around, join, fasten off.
HANGING RING: With H hook and white, ch 24, sl st in first ch to form ring, ch 1, 38 sc in ring, join with sl st in first sc, fasten off.
CHAIN : Cut 2 strands of each colour each 3 + 1/2 yds long. With all strands held together and P hook, leaving 4 + 1/2" at each end, ch 39, fasten off.
FINISHING : 1. Arrange rings and weave chain through rings according to ring and chain assembly as in photo.
2: Pull 4 + 1/2" end at top of chain through hanging ring from front to back; bring each section to front around each side of chain, tie into a bow.
3 : Cut 10 strands of each colour each 10" long. Tie separate 10" strand red around middle of all strands. Tie to bottom of chain. Wrap 18" strand red around all strands 1" from bottom of chain. Trim ends and tie bells to strands.