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Some history...

—The Wynnum Region Organised Computing Club for Seniors (WROCCS, pronounced ‘rocks’) was formed in 2002 following a public meeting called in August that year by Julia Ponder, a local business woman and then President of the Wynnum Chamber of Commerce. Julia wanted to gauge local interest in the formation of a seniors’ computer club in Wynnum.

—More than 120 interested people attended the meeting, including a small group of enthusiasts who were prepared to share their computer knowledge for the benefit of seniors in the local community. That small group of ‘coaches’, led by retired school teacher Graeme Askew, organised the first formal meeting of WROCCS. This was held in the Wynnum Services/RSL Club in September 2002. Classes began the same week, using computer facilities kindly provided by the Wynnum Central State School and Wynnum State High School. The rest, as they say, is history …

—From that first official meeting, and thanks largely to Graeme’s efforts and some initial assistance from the State Government’s Connecting Generation 3 Program, over 2,800 seniors have since received computer training in the first ten years of the Club’s existence.

—Graeme remained as Convener until he retired from WROCCS in August 2008 to move his family to northern NSW, but not before he had taken the initial steps for WROCCS to become incorporated. This occurred on 8/8/2008, and WROCCS Inc now has a Management Committee of up to 7, headed by a President. (The other positions are Secretary, Treasurer and up to 4 general committee members.) Our inaugural President for 2008/09 was Rob Carlyle.

Lavina Scott then became President in 2010 and remained so until January 2016. Rick Davies has been President since then.

WROCCS Inc is a member of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA).

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