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Subjects and Coaching

Membership to WROCCS is a pre-requisite to enrolling in any class. Membership runs from February in any year to the following February but does not include any classes in February for the following year.

Coaching is offered in two ways:

1) First, the classes are offered. These run from 2 to 4 weeks, each of 2 hours duration (an example of classes that are offered, is shown HERE), however actual classes offered, may vary from month to month.

2) One-on-One sessions: If there are insufficient numbers to warrant a class, then the timeslot that was for the class may be available for One-on-One sessions. These involve one coach with one student for one hour (an example of One-on-One offerings is shown HERE). Content in these sessions is largely dictated by the student.

Periodically workshops are also offered instead of a particular class. These are advised in our email invite to the members which is sent each month as a reminder for the upcoming Members Monthly meeting.

WROCCS Inc is a member of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA).

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