I have been going to write about spirit cats or ghost cats for sometime. My first encounter with a spirit cat was a few weeks after my first cat Pete died on New Year’s Eve 1997 at the age of fourteen. A friend and I were sitting on the front porch talking and we both felt a cat walk around us rubbing up against us. I looked to see which one it was and there were no cats anywhere near us. We both thought it might have been Pete saying “I am OK you don’t need to worry” but we really didn’t know.

After this incident I have had several spirit kittens in the house; the first was white and it stayed for about a week and then I guess went over the rainbow bridge as it just wasn’t around anymore. When it first arrived I said that the spirit kitten was welcome and it could stay as long as it liked. Often I will catch a glimpse of a spirit kitten or cat in the house and smile. The last time this happened I didn’t realize the significance of the spirit cat who came to visit; it had come to meet Spike.

Many owners feel their departed cat telling them they are alright and that they are still with them. However, unless you have had the experience or know that it does happen you might not get the message that is for you and you alone.

One day, when I was shopping in Myer, Knox City, I heard a lady telling her friend that she had felt a cat rubbing against her but when she looked there was no cat there. She went on to say that although she had felt it she thought it was wishful thinking because her cat died recently. I was tempted to say something to her but, as I had over-heard a private conversation, I decided against it. Her friend said nothing.

I have heard people say it is your imagination or that you are making it up. Truly, how can someone else comment on the relationship between you and your cat friend. Personally, I feel sorry for these people as they will never know the joy and sometimes heart-break that comes with being “owned by a cat”. So, if you are blessed and your cat does stay with you make sure that you don’t let anyone spoil the experience for you.

The following story explains how cats cope with pain and difficulty. The lady in this story was not ready to give up her cat friend to the point that she didn’t seek help when there may have been a chance of doing something about the cancer. The friend who boarded with her tried to get Tarnie help for over a year and she spoke to me several times about her concerns but she could do nothing, as it wasn’t her cat. When it was too late the owner took Tarnie to the Vet but the only choice was to keep the her comfortable. Breathing was difficult for the Tarnie towards the end of her life.

The friend was watching a movie in the early hours of the morning and Tarnie was asleep beside her on the couch. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a ghost cat running around the room and she instinctively looked at the cat asleep beside her on the couch. Tarnie had stopped breathing and she thought she had died. She looked up to see if the ghost cat was still running around the room and it wasn’t but immediately Tarnie started to snore again. She said this happened several more times during the movie and she was sure she wasn’t imaging it.

She said it was almost as if when she focussed on the quiet cat the ghost cat vanished and the cat started to snore again.

For more information about spirit cats see:

The chapter 'On Animals', Lifting the Veil by Dawn Hill.

Where Do We Go from Here? by Ann Forster pages 116-118.

Ghost Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters by Leslie Rule page 77.

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Remember for some people there is no proof possible and it is a waste of your time to say otherwise. You really have no idea or right to know what their journey is because that is between them and their goddess or god. You would not like to be infringed upon so please don't do it to anyone else.

Irene Margaret Fullarton

Pete in one of his favourite places

Amber, the Angel in a fur coat

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Ghost cat encounter

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Updated 9 May 2009.