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Namaste, welcome and thank you for visiting my corner of the universe, which incidently in the physical world is "Sunny South Australia". The driest state in the driest continent.

I realise that a lot of what I have posted is a duplication of what is already on the net. But I offer these pages as a resource and general information for anyone interested in our 'Craft', and hope my explanation is a little more detailed, in an effort to de-mystify perceptions some may have on Wicca and Paganism.

I do not eat babies, my sacrifices are limited to giving up bad habits, junk food, or my time, to work at the Reiki Centre. My magick is confined to spells for healing, protection, prosperity, fertility, and exorcisms. The medicine bag that I always carry holds sacred grain (corn) as an offering, if I ever take a crystal or feather from the earth.

Following are some of my thoughts on Wicca in the southern hemisphere.

Practicing the craft 'down under' requires some modifications eg:

  • to the seasonal celebrations. Winter solstice (Yule) is June 21 here.

  • movement within the circle is still deosil, (sunwise) but in the southern hemisphere that means counterclockwise.

  • the placement of the elements is according to geographical location eg: Adelaide, South Australia.

  1. The equator is to the North; the element is Fire, the season is Summer.

  2. The polar cap is to the South; the element is Earth, the season is Winter.

  3. The Gulf St Vincent is to the West; the element is Water, the season is Autumn.

  4. The prevailing winds travel Easterly; the element is Air, the season is Spring.

I am humbled and privileged to live in this land of red earth. I thank our Indigenous people for their custodianship and protection of this land, and honour their land rights. Because their symbiotic relationship with this land has been usurped, they are forced to claim tribal lands.

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