Bracken at first I need water-NOW Bracken early 2006

Hi again and welcome to me (Sassy) and my family Thats me in the drink bowl !

The big black dog is my best friend BRACKEN, who we rescued from the Dogs Home.
He is just a pup (9 months in the photo on the left, and now at 5 years on the right) He is very big, especially standing beside me. He is part Standard Poodle and part Bearded Collie.

Ishta ............Now for the cats

This cuddly blob of black fur is the top cat in our household.
"Ishta" She spends most of her time curled up on the Humans in our house, or slowly walking to where she wants to go to.
What's the hurry !

(A good way to spend her day I reckon)

SADLY Ishta passed away on Sept 1 2006, and we all miss her very much. Ishta may 2006 Ishta on Lap Below is Ishta in her favourite spot, on the lap of one of the humans, and me beside them both.

Magic (The boy cat)
There is "Magic"
our boy cat, who is there to protect our 4 female cats. He is meant to be arrogant and to like no one, but he is just so soft and cuddly to the family members, feline, canine and human.
Our ginger cat is called "Rosie", and she really loves me and Bracken, and is always rubbing her whiskas in our faces

That leaves the shy cats
a siamese called "Ming" and a cat that is a bit of everything called "Church"
Church Ming on her cat pedestal

Our latest cat "Missy Charolet" a beutiful 9 month old Moggy Missy Charollete

Here is a cute picture of Bracken looking over Missy from the safety of the couch
Bracken & Missy

Me and the cats get along very well as this picture below, shows during a hot day
Lazy Hot Day


Bip Then there are the birds, a Cockateal, who can be noisy called "Marty",
a yellow Canary called "Bip" and 3 Zebra finches,
and 2 Budgies called "DaDaDee" & "Bluey"

Trilby One of the animals I am not allowed to play with is
"Trilby" who is a rat, though he is nice and friendly unlike any wild rat you may come across !

Then there is my very handsome friend who lives around the corner called
"BJ" who I have known since I was a tiny puppy.
His mum and my mum are best friends. BJ loves to eat mints!

Rabbit Rabbit Also my mum breedsthese furry animals
that can jump at 90 degrees
and whose noses always twitch
Dad has to make all these wooden hutches for them to live in.

My 2 North American PENPALS

ROCKY I wish for everyone out there to meet my friend "Rocky" He is my pen pal from Florida USA. Rocky is 5 years old and is much loved by his mum Jackie. Like me Rocky hates going to the groomers. We both live near beaches, but where Rocky lives in Florida USA is much hotter than my home in Melbourne Australia . He doesn't have to wear a coat like I do during winter


My second Penpal is "KIRA" who as you can see looks nothing like me, and seems to be somewhat taller than me.
Kira lives in Ontario Canada on a diary farm and loves to swim. She owns a Mum and a Dad and 2 smaller human slaves.
Kira is the organiser of the household but (as she tells me) things need to improve about "more interesting things to chew", though she has no complaints about the amount of love she receives

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