so many places to play, people to share with - so little time


2008 was Austria/ USA/ Canada/ UK/ Berlin/ Kenya/ then 2009 crisscrossing OZ with - Totally Gourdgeous/ Dya Singh/ Fiddlers Festival/ The Lawnmowers and The Supper Club/ and just for fun, Solo! Then Europe for a large slice after happy touring with Josh Bennett from Perth to Coffs Harbour. We've started now with a bold Tamworth Fest against the odds and touring with Josh in April, May, and some June. See you in there!

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A large Photo House & many Stories to share. We love the Magic of Music
Our multi-awarded World Music Group
Appeared in Royal Albert Hall, London , end Sept 2004 and The Smithsoneum Institute Washington DC
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Healing Centre Fundraiser for Edmonton Heart Hospital
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Plenty of detail onthe fiddle crew
2004 will see Adelaide & Brisbane Arts Festivals and tour of QLD Outback in Sept.
By invite from Rod MacCormack, Andrew selects a small but favourite team to take on the Tamworth League Clubs Bluegrass Feature and Helen Mitchell got it all - we cut loose!
This Gal is Country Musics best friend! If there's something worth seeing she's on to it. I thank her for these Web features!
Like I said, Helen gets around. Here she catches Michael Fix meeting Harmonica man, Christian Marsh, for the first time - see the E-movies soon on Andrew's main Site
Up to date is what Helen is about. Ya just gotta check these pages out!
Fiddlers Festival ahoy!


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