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Dr Cecilia Netolicky describes herself an "activist". She is university educated in Education, Career Education, Art, English Literature and Anthropology. She is an Australian author and artist contributing to the field of education, art and poetry through a wide variety of written and visual texts. She sees her diverse employment roles, not as changes in career, because the goal has been constant," to make the world a better place", but rather as a variety of channels through which this goal has been achieved.

Dr Netolicky's textbooks for youth are used widely through-out Australia, the USA and Britain. They have also been employed in Israel, the Philippines and South Africa. She has presented papers, talks and lectures in a wide variety of contexts, from conferences as an invited speaker, to talks to active community groups working to improve outcomes for marginalized groups.

Cecilia also produces highly condensed and often intensely symbolic miniature paintings. As an artist with a strong social conscience she has chosen to link these miniature works to her poetry. The result is a potent brew: the paintings highlight the beauty, the poetry drives home the message. Cecilia has a strong academic past and draws on her multi-disciplinary background to produce these works. Her studies in the fields of Art, Literature and Anthropology are apparent in her paintings and poetry. She has had solo shows, and been employed as an art lecturer in the USA, Papua New Guinea and Australia and has participated in group shows in Hong Kong and Japan.

After studying Fine Art at the University of Wisconsin, USA, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Anthropology, from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and studied Balinese art and literature at a doctoral level at UWA and Monash University. Her PhD thesis ( Education - Children with Special Needs), undertaken at the Edith Cowan University, is entitled - Improving Provision for Disaffected Students: Toward a New Educational Model.

Her paintings and poetry books were sold in galleries through-out Australia and her work has been featured in various publications, such as, arts unlimited magazine; "Arteffects", Jean Drysdale Green, Watson Guptill New York; "A Dictionary of Women Artists of Australia", Max Germaine, Craftsman House Sydney; "Australian Visions : paintings and poems", Jill Bryant, Hodder Headline Australia, Sydney, and "VCE Health and Human Development Units 1 & 2", Alison Getley-Kuen, Oxford University Press.

She was a finalist for the 1996 Community Services Industry Awards out of 1097 nominations.

Books by Dr Cecilia Netolicky published by Australian ArtMarx:

The New Teenage Survival Guide  
The Teenage Survival Guide TEE Survival Guide
The Teenage Survival Guide II Teenagers Learning about Life
Teenagers Managing Life Crises
The Conspiracy of Birds and other Bipeds to save the Planet

History from under the Mat
2nd Edition
ISBN 0 646 05707 3
out of print
The Fires of Prehistory are Burning
Limited Edition
ISBN 0 646 05709 X
As it was in the Dreaming
Limited Edition
ISBN 0 4 64 07325 7
Angry Emus
Limited Edition
ISBN 0 646 18696 5
out of print

Published by North Metropolitan College of TAFE:

Professional Practice - Visual Art and Craft Occupational Health and Safety - Visual Art and Craft

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