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The following pages are simply various lists of software for the ATARI ST computer and emulators.
This site is fairly large
(see Site Map) listing 1000's of gamez, appz and docs. It seldom
gets updated (unless I get a heap of new stuff). Remember this is a hobby - it's not my life!  For any 
reasonable software requests, you can
email me - (remove obvious) but don't bother requesting
huge lists of stuff - you won't get them. Up to 3 disks is reasonable...

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Automation Menus
Pompey Menus
Medway Boys
FOFT Menus
Superior & FoF
D-Bug Disks
Menu Disks:
Select a group from those on the right (or below) for details of what they produced: Compilations , Adrenalin , Lemmings , Awesome , Bad Brew Crew , Super Gau or click here for heaps of smaller, less well known, crackers. T he Atari scene produced a number of 'famous' cracking groups but none more prolific than Automation. My massive collection of 8000+ disks was amassed over an 8 year period (1987-1995). You can find a few LINKS here
Fuzion Menus
Mad Vision Menus
Special FX Menus

I've got quite a number of Atari applications that cover WP, DTP, Database & Spreadsheets, GFA & C programming, 100's of utilities, Art & Paint progs. CAD & 3-D, Music & sequencers, and lots more.

Neon Lights
Vectronix Games
Sewer Doc Files
Heaps of great groups

Sewer Docs and Devious Design produced manuals, maps, hints and tips for most games and many applications. ST FORMAT and ST USER magazines rated many games. To see the most popular and best go here.  If you ever wondered about these cryptic error messages or bombs go here for an explanation of what they mean.


  • Fuji Logo Atari STSTe STFM
    This is part of my huge collection of Atari software that's
    available on DVD. Suitable for all versions of Windows
    Only US$25.00 ( including air mail postage and packing.)

    Most of this stuff will run on either...
    WinSTon or  (the brilliant) STeem emulator

    (all emulation software is included on Vols.1&2)

    YOU CAN  BUY A DVD of everything on these pages...

    Buy the DVD - US$25.00

    Choose your own 

  • Atari CUSTOM DVD
    YOU choose the contents!

I accept PayPal payments   I accept PayPal, the #1 payment service Now Available for International Users

If you've never used an Atari emulator on your PC here's how...

           1) Download the emulator of choice   (one of the 3 mentioned above)
Download TOS image file   (sort of like DOS on the PC)
           3) Download a game to test
           4) Install emulator, and run game... simple really!

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