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Welcome to the ABN pages. We've got lots of information, photos, and links here so take some time to check it out. We hope you'll enjoy your stay and tour some of the other sites & attractions and visit some of our favourite places and friends. Just chick on the highlighted text around the ABN map above.

International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
23rd September

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About the Australian Bisexual Network

The Australian Bisexual Network has been a national network and voice since 1992 for:

  • bisexual women 

  • bi transgenders 

  • bisexual men 

  • partners and friends of Bi people 

  • bisexual and bi-friendly groups and services 

ABN does not claim to represent all bisexual identified or bisexually active people but does offer a voice for, diverse as they are in lifestyles, people united by their sexuality. ABN co-operates with a range of groups & services Australia wide.

A special committee set up in 2002 to look at a revamped or totally new national body for bisexual groups and individuals, failed and most groups concentrate on their local area with national communication occurring through internet email lists mostly on Yahoo Groups.

Many groups and services over the past 15 years have come and gone and you may find on this site web pages or email addresses that no longer work because a group has gone or person has change ISP or moved on. Please let us know what does not work or new contact details. As a voluntary service we do not have the time to check everything.

With other active bisexual groups and movements especially in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that offer meetings, social events and a voice for bisexuals, the Australian Bisexual Network now takes a more information providing service roll for the community and provides some local activities.

ABN is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and can be contacted by:

PO Box 490,
Australia 4030

Within Aust.: 07-38572500
Free Call: 1800-653223
(currently Queensland country & the Northern Rivers District of NSW)
Mobile: 0416-068532
Outside Aust.: +61-7-38572500
ICQ Number: 16442611

For more info about ABN and the Bi Movement in Australia visit our

ABN Info Page.


By supporting your local bisexual group, you can help build a stronger Bisexual community. Bisexuals are the "invisible" majority but because most are seen as either straight or gay or ignored completely by other people, many bi or bi-curious people find it difficult to locate a bi community or group. Check out the links above around the map and find a group or event near you or let us know of one by sending us an email.

ABN is not funded by government or any other organisations for day to day operations such as telephone, postage and internet. We have no paid staff and no fixed office address. Any donations and support keeps the Bi movement & Network going. Do make a donation if you can.

And maybe you'd like to help out a bit. Volunteers, representatives, and telephone information contacts are always appreciated.

Attending meetings and social events regularly helps build a stronger group and gives new people the confindence and a desire to come back again and again.

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Silke's Travel was a sponsor of Australia's youth representative to the

IGLYO Conference in Pisa, Italy, 27 July - 3 Aug 1997.

Please support the businesses that support the Bisexual and Queer Communities.

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White Ribbon Campaign
Raising Awareness about Gay/Bi-Teen Suicide
And remembering those who we've lost.
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until we can find any new Campaign web address.

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