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7ICB-world email

Welcome to the web site for the
7th International Conference on Bisexuality
to be held in
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
from 25th to 28th October 2002.

The venue for the conference is still to be confirmed and as all possible venues are not cheap in Sydney, we are unable to set the conference registration fees at this time. Australian airlines have a great safety record and security rates as some of the best in the World. October/November is Spring here and Sydney could be expected to have warm days and cooler nights. Sydney and surrounds offers some great natural and human made attractions and if you are prepared to explore further afield you can experience the wonders and pleasures Australia has to offer.

Presentations & Workshops
We will very shortly be calling for your expressions of interest in presenting papers and workshops at the 7ICB. The program categories can be seen to the left. As presentations are accepted, they will be posted to this web site under those categories for everyone to see.

At this stage of the conference we have no money for scholarships. However we will be endeavouring to raise funds through the Biversity Dance Parties in Sydney, other events, donations and sponsorships. Scholarships will be restricted initially to bisexual people from developing countries who have already been organising around bisexuality in areas such as groups, research, health, activism and sport. Priority will be given to indigenous Australians, people from Asia and the Pacific, from Africa and to youth and those with disabilities who are active in their home communities. If you feel you can offer your community something from attending the conference and other events in Sydney, then please contact us for an application form and guidelines.

We would like to encourage established bisexual and GLBT groups as well as individuals in developed countries to make a donation to the Travel Assistance Fund. This will enable us to assist those people who may need full or partial financial assistance to attend and present at the conference. This was quite successful for the 5th conference in Boston, USA in 1998. The Bisexual Resource Center in Boston, USA has agreed to administer donations (preferably in US dollars) made out to the Travel Assistance Fund and sent to them. We will soon have further details on how you can make a donation.

We are looking for organisations and businesses to either sponsor a person to attend or sponsor and event or some aspect of the conference. If your organisation or business feels it would like to become involved through sponsorship, please contact us by e-mail at the address on the bottom of this page to discuss how.

Conference Discussion List
If you would like to participate in discussion on the conference, the program or any other aspect, then do join our list on yahoogroups.

7thInternationalBiCon mailing list 


Getting Involved
If you feel you would like to help in the organising, volunteering during the conference, reviewing presentation proposals, offering accommodation or any other assistance, please contact us by e-mail.

Past and Future International Bisexual Conferences
Check out our map of past and future international world and regional conferences by clicking on this title above.



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contact: interbicon2002@optusnet.com.au