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This page contains a lot of links to sites around the world. If you discover that one of our links is out of date or corrupt please email us at ABN so that we can correct the problem.

Some Recommended Reading and Book Reviews

Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out (1991)
Loraine Hutchins & Lani Kaahumanu (eds.); Alyson Publications; Boston, USA.

The Bisexual Option 2nd Ed. (1993)
Fritz Klein; Haworth Press; New York.

Bisexual Horizons: Politics, Histories, Lives (1996)
Sharon Rose, Cris Stevens et al (editors), The Off Pink Collective; Lawrence & Wishart; London, UK.

Women & Bisexuality (1993)
Sue George; Scarlet Press; London, UK.

Bisexual Politics - Theories, Queries & Visions (1995)
Naomi Tucker (Ed.); Harrington Park Press; New York.

Bisexuality and the Challenge to Lesbian Politics: Sex, Loyality and Revolution (1995)
Paula C. Rust; New York University Press; New York.

Vice Versa: Bisexuality and the Eroticism of Everyday Life (1996)
Marjorie Garber; Simon & Schuster; New York.

The Other Side of the Closet: The Coming Out Crisis for Straight Spouses (1991)
Amity Pierce Buxton; IBS Press; Santa Monica, USA.

Breaking the Barriers to Desire: New Approaches to Multiple Relationships (1995)
Kevin Lano and Claire Parry (eds); Five Leaves Publ.;UK.

Bisexuality - The Psychology and Politics of an Invisible Minority (1996)
Beth A. Firestein (editor); Sage Publications; Thousand Oaks, Cal. USA.

She's my wife, He's just sex (1997)
Sue Joseph; Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (University of Technology, Sydney); Sydney.

The above books are some of those held in the ABN Mobile Resource Library. ABN also has two brochures that list some key books, reports, studies and articles on or relating to bisexuality that are held in our Mobile Library.

The Bisexual Book Store, Bisexual Music Store & Bisexual Video Store

For more information on books about bisexuality and bisexual people and books written by bisexuals, have a look at:
"The Bisexual Bookstore".

The Bisexual Resource Center (Boston, USA), in its continuing drive to earn a few extra pennies to pay the rent, has opened the Bisexual Music Store. The store features music by bisexual artists from Bessie Smith to Tom Robinson, but you can choose from any of thousands of other CDs there, as well.

The Bisexual Music Store is located on the web at:

Each CD ordered nets the BRC a small commission to help finance its work on bisexual pamphlets, AIDS activism, publication of the Bisexual Resource Guide, the International Bi Archives, support groups, bisexual awareness programs, and future conferences.

The Bisexual Video Store provides both sales and rentals and has a huge range of videos featuring bisexual characters, actors and themes. Please remember USA video format is different to UK and Australian format (PAL).


The Rainbow Store in Australia has all sorts of gay, lesbian and bisexual images for jewlery, etc available on-line. Check it out.

Book Reviews

Johnny, Come Home
by Dean Durber
Marginal Eyes Press: R.R.P. $18.95

To tell a story and take its audience through a situation or setting that is not regularly encountered, must be seen as a big accomplishment for an author.  With his first novel, Johnny, Come Home, Dean Durber has achieved this with ease thanks to a uniquely crafted tale and his tight, no frills writing style. The reader goes on the journey of Peter Robson, a drug-addled exchange student arriving in rural Japan and coming across both traditional and unexpected cultural and social obstacles, all the while trying to escape a past that keeps meeting him at every part of his trek.

With an extensive list of published fiction behind him, Durber, currently completing his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at Curtin University of Technology, enthusiastically speaks of Johnny, Come Home and his past work.  "I've written since I was a kid and always write for myself, and I suppose that's how this story started off. I sort of became obsessed with it for a while and it started changing. The more it changed the more I wanted other people to read it," he said.

The book pulls no punches in its matter of fact description of a lost soul's search for some kind of meaning and connection with a tragic past, while trying to avoid the pain it brings.  The character's angry style is something Durber likes and enjoys, thinking that anger is a particularly under-rated response in a modern world, saying, "I actually enjoy being angry.  Society is geared towards controlling anger, and saying people need to calm down and talk about things rationally. For me it makes me write about things that I don't see working, either in my own life or in general around me."

Having an angry attitude in the novel's calm rural setting, and pushing the boundaries of traditional stereotypes, make for an educational and eye opening narrative. Instead of the traditional images of cherry blossoms, raw fish and serenity, the reader encounters the reality of deceit, sex and alcoholism.  These traits, as well as many others not mentioned here for fear of giving away plot secrets, are explored with much enthusiasm. "When you go into a culture you have an idea of what it's going to be like, but also the people there have an image of what you're going to be like.  I enjoy getting to know people that force me outside of my own comfort zone."

One factor that separates the story from others is how it concentrates on the post drug-taking haze. The main character is at the end of a period where artificial stimulants have been ruling his life, and now he must contend with a drug-free reality the best way he can. Durber said, "I was interested in and really enjoyed reading things that came out of the ecstasy culture, but I felt a lot of that had been done before. What I wanted was someone who had stopped taking the drugs. There is not a lot written of people's experiences who no longer have access to the drugs they've been taking, and how they pick up and move on with their lives afterwards."

Happy endings that have all the loose ends tied up are not something that concerns this writer and his bluntly realistic style. Realising there is still a life and story to continue following the traditional "happily ever after" idea, Durber thinks his characters should stop looking for happiness in their lives and  get on with the task of living ? happiness will follow.
"We have moments of happiness and if we're constantly searching for that happiness, I think we are in danger of missing the happiness that is there as we are going along."

All the inhabitants of Johnny, Come Home may be on a search for something intangible. The journey of the protagonist is one that leaves the reader with a definite feeling of satisfaction in a journey being completed, and a new one about to begin.
Reviewer: Ralph Morrow

This review first appeared in Perth's Bi-Weekly Queer Community newspaper, "Out".

Bisexual Resources

Bisexual Options

International BiWorld News

Bisexual Resource Centre (USA)

Bisexual Resource Guide

BiWorld Home Page

The Bisexual Personals Network

Bisexuals and Sexual Health (BASH)

Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith

Bi Planet

Bisexual Hell

GLAAD's Bi Visibility Project

Bisexual and Married

"Bi All Means"

Bi & Curious Couples

BiDay BiNight

Bi The Way Resources Page

International Lesbian & Gay Association


Report on the 4th International Bisexual Symposium
Berlin, May 1996

Bisexual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bi Oppression

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Bisexuality & How to Use It


Sydney Bi & Poly Page

Chicks 4 Chicks
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Here for Life
Youth Sexuality Project


Reach Out

Partners and Parents

Information on a New Project on and for

Female Partners of Bisexually Active Men in Australia.

Click on the link above and Please Read and Participate.

Straight Spouse Support Network(SSSN)

Bisexual & Married Men of America

Family Pride Coalition (was Gay & Lesbian Parents Coalition International)


Lesbian Moms

Maybe Baby

Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality Info

Female To Male International

Australasian Good Tranny Guide


Sex and Sexuality

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The X-Files

The Gay & Lesbian Star Trek Home Page

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Safer Sex & HIV/AIDS

If you know of safer sex sites of interest to Bisexual People, please e-mail us at ABN so we can include them here.

National Centre for HIV & Social Research (Australia)

Terrence Higgins Trust (United Kingdon)

HIV/AIDS Info from the Bisexual Resource Center (USA)


HIV/AIDS Resources

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Safer Sex On-Line Magazine

Men's Sexual Health Information Line -Queensland
freecall: 1800-155141
Hours: Mon & Tue 9am to 9pm;
Wed to Sat 9am to 5pm.

Australian GLBT Media

Australia has a couple of national gay magazines and a few smaller queer alternative magazines. Most other print material is state based in the form of newspapers or small magazine style publications.

Below are details, e-mail addresses and links for some of Australia's queer media.

Sydney Star Observer

A weekly gay and lesbian newspaper in New South Wales.
Tel. (02) 9380 5577.

Queensland Pride

A fortnightly gay, lesbian, bi & transgender newspaper in Queensland.
Tel. (07) 3392 2922 FAX (07) 3392 2923.

Q News

A fortnightly gay & lesbian newspaper in Queensland.
Tel. (07) 3852 5933 Fax (08) 3852 5944.

The Australian Bi

A national bi-monthly news magazine for Australia's Bi community.

Lesbians On The Loose

Australian monthly lesbian magazine.

GeekGirl Cyberzine

An online magazine for women.

JOY FM Radio

Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Radio Station

FREE FM 96.9 Radio

Sydney Queer Radio Station

4ZZZ fm Queer Radio Show

FM 102.1 Brisbane, Wed. 7-9pm

Queer Zone

Bay FM 91.3 queer radio for Northern Rivers, NSW, Sun. 10pm-12

Queer Vision


Men's Movement & Issues

XY Magazine

Rainbow Male Survivors Network
(survivors of rape & sexual abuse)

Men's Sexual Health Information Line -Queensland
1800 155141
Hours: Mon & Tue 9am to 9pm;
Wed to Sat 9am to 5pm.

Bi People's Home Pages

Andrew (WA)

Tracey (WA)

Maria & Rob (VIC)

Rosanne (NSW)

Andi (ACT)

Bi Bobby

Stewart (NSW)

Sierra (USA)

Shannon (USA)

Loraine Hutchins (USA)

Jay Sekora (USA)

Jan Hansen & Lynn Dobbs (USA)

Nick Smith (UK)

Maurice Snellen

Tom Robinson (UK)

Adult Sites

(Francophone) Home Page

Bisexual (Encounters)

The Bisexual Personals Network

The Personals Network



The Personals World

Free Internet Service for gay & bi guyz in Australia

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