The Gubbins Family in Australia

My name is Bruce Gubbins. I am a relatively recent arrival in Australia (1972) but other members of the Gubbins family have been arriving, mostly from England and Ireland, for a least the last 150 years.

The main contact for all things related to the GUBBINS family is Brian Gubbins who is the member of the "Guild of One-Name Studies" responsible for the coordination of queries and data for the GUBBINS surname world-wide (email at briangubbins(atsign) While helping him try to contact all the GUBBINS family in Australia, I compiled the attached family Group Sheets, primarily from the Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes published by the various Australian States. Having collected the information I thought I would publish it in the hope that it may be of use in setting others off down the right path.

Where possible I have connected up members of the same family but there are undoubtedly mistakes where I have connected the wrong people or failed to connect family members. I urge you not to use this data as a primary source but to go back to the original data and double-check. I would also appreciate feedback to correct any errors.

My email address is ozgubbins(atsign) Please include the word GUBBINS in the email Subject as, in attempt to avoid Spam, I will filter out all other mail.

Gubbins Family in Australia - Name Index (last updated 14 May 2013)

You may also like to check out the Gubbins Egroup. You will find a considerable amount of data and pictures in the 'Files' section - including many family trees.

The following is my own family tree. Again I have included it in the hope that it will generate some feedback from other members of the tree who can provide corrections or additions.

My Family Tree (last updated 14 May 2013)