440 Infra-Red Detector

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Biovations 440 (Infra-Red Detector)

Video demostrations of the Biovations 440 are now available for both broadband and dial-up users

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This is very exciting news for those wishing to be “on the spot” if a resident is “on the move” when they shouldn’t be, thus being a danger to themselves or others.

The 440, once activated, will trigger your Nurse Call system, which alerts the Unit Manager of the time, a particular resident/patient is out of bed when they either should not be or not advisable they be.

Not only is this a protection for the individual but also for those, such a person, is likely to awaken, harass or generally upset.

Obviously, knowing they are “on the move” is invaluable.

There are no mats with suspect contact points--- no wires to become entangled or trip over---no equipment to put into place at night :-

   “Just a simple switch to flick on.”

Call Ian now to discuss the suitability of the 440, a great assistant to your night staff for your establishment.

Special DVD Offer

Biovations makes it easy for you to understand our products and the ease to which they can be put to use. Contact us now for a free DVD that demonstrates everything you need to know about falls prevention equipment and caring for residents through electronic means.



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