550 Break-Fall Mats

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BIOVATIONS 550 (Break Fall Mat)

If you have a problem with residents/patients at risk of falling out of bed or chair and you do not wish to use any form of restraint, then this mat is for you.

The 550 is soft enough to minimize the jarring impact of a fall yet firm enough and not too thick (300mmís) in order that your charge not catch their feet and trip on it.

Important features :-

  • Fully welded seams to enable simple wipe over clean.
    (will not retain any aroma should one have an involuntary accident thereon)
  • Glow strips on sides to alert night staff should they forget mat is on the floor.
  • Gripping rubber patches on bottom to reduce slippage.
  • Folds into thirds to allow easy storage behind or under bed when not in use.
  • Overall size when laid out ó 1940 x 630 x 35 mmís
                     when folded ó 630 x 630 x 130 mmís

Special DVD Offer

Biovations makes it easy for you to understand our products and the ease to which they can be put to use. Contact us now for a free DVD that demonstrates everything you need to know about falls prevention equipment and caring for residents through electronic means.

Phone: 1800 506 609

Facsimile: 03 9561 6681

Email: biovations@optusnet.com.au

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