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Obtain ease of mind and simplified management of care facility residents with Biovations falls prevention products and electronic monitoring systems. Specially designed and made for Australian requirements, Biovations care products work 24 hours a day and are backed up with after-sales support of the highest standards.

So, if you are looking for electronic sensors to detect unusual movements of residents, alarms for unexpected situations or mats and cushions to protect those with special needs, please browse our website and see what Biovations can offer you.

Special DVD Offer

Biovations makes it easy for you to understand our products and the ease to which they can be put to use. Contact us now for a free DVD that demonstrates everything you need to know about falls prevention equipment and caring for residents through electronic means.

Phone: 1800 506 609

Facsimile: 03 9561 6681



Demonstration of the Biovations mattress advantages

Supine position:
  average pressure = 25.5 mmHg
  threshold = 5 mmHg

Clinically measured pressure imprints

Sitting position:
  average pressure = 33.75 mmHg
  threshold = 5 mmHg

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