DynaBest 5000

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DynaBest 5000

The DynaBest 5000 is designed to meet the needs of today’s cost conscious medical health care industry. This pump and mattress overlay system offers high quality and consistent performance. The pump unit comes with LED indicators to indicate the conditions of pressure level. The internal compressor pump provides high volume output to inflate the mattress quickly.

The mattress overlay has 9 cells with laser holes for air loss, and the stretchable top cover provides waterproof protection, and allows ventilation. The alternating performance is superb with DynaBest 5000’s combination pump and mattress, with the added advantage of a static mode. This combination is suitable for treatment of Stage II and III pressure sores, or clients at medium to low high risk of pressure sore formation.

The features of the DynaBest 5000 include LED indicators, CPC quick release connectors, audible alarm with On/Off switch, CPR release valve, zippered waterproof cover, low air loss lasered air cells, pillow function, spring loaded reinforced air hoses with nylon cover and similar pressure distribution to the Dyna Flo 8000

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