Falls Prevention

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Biovations is Falls Prevention

440 Bed Sensor

This is very exciting news for those wishing to be “on the spot” if a resident is “on the move” when they shouldn’t be, thus being a danger to themselves or others.

The 440, once activated, will trigger your Nurse Call system, which alerts the Unit Manager of the time, a particular resident/patient is out of bed when they either should not be or not advisable they be.

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880 Detection Cushion

A must for those prone to falling.

You can now let them sit in the lounge, dining room or in their bedroom, on a pressure reduction cushion and know immediately they attempt to stand up.

The cushion has a switching pattern connected to a transmitter installed inside which will trigger and transmit when your resident/patient attempts to stand.

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770 Door Alarm

A wireless operated "Over Door Alarm" interfacing with your Nurse Call system.

For those residents/patients who, at night, (or during the day) become restless and interfere with others or develop magpie tendencies.

No wires to trip over, just three connections-2 to power points (you will need to have your electrician instal a power point over the doorway) and 1 connection to your call system.

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990 Personal Pendant

Protects residents living in a self-contained unit, with the potential to fall and unlikely to be able to reach the call button.

By wearing this pendant, the call button will be activated via a wireless receiver.

The 990 can also be used by another resident/patient sitting close to a companion on a wireless cushion to call for help if that person is in trouble.

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