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Q: Is there an electircal danger for the resident?
A: No, all equipment is on a 12 volt system

Q: Can you interface with our nurse call system?
A: Yes, all we need is a loan of your call button cord to manufacture an interface if not a current standard issue.

Q: Can the infra red system be made for an indivdual at home to alert a carer?
A: Yes, we provide a buzzer, bell or lighting system instead of interfacing with a nursing home call system.

Q: Can the wireless signal reach another room?
A: Yes, providing the transmitter and receiver are within 12 metres of each other.

Q: Do we need to buy a new base for this mattress?
A: Not necessarily, the Biovations Mattress will simply lay on top of your existing base, providing - of course - it does not have any sharp areas.

Q: Is a depth of 15 cm enough?
A: With our configuration of foam densities and hardness, the Biovations Mattress will serve people to a weight of 100 kg.

Q: Are the mattresses heavy to lift?
A: Not really, they are lighter than an inner-spring but, like all mattresses, they are of a shape that makes them awkward to carry.

Q: Can we use our electric blanket on top of the mattress?
A: No, not only would it be dangerous in terms of fumes should it scorch, the electric blanket would negate the benefit of the mattress. Also, the foam mattress tends to retain your body temperature level.

Q: Can I still use my sheepskin overlay?
A: Surely you can, but again it would negate the benefits of the mattress. You will find after sleeping on the Pressure Reduction Mattress, you will no longer want the overlay.

Q: Do I need to turn the mattress?
A: Not as you have previously done - as the mattress in one-way up - to assist the longevity of the foam, it can be rotated 180o on a vertical axis.


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