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The Pressure Reduction Mattress developed by Biovations is considered to be the best of its type currently on the market.Unique 4 layer construction

This preventative measure is recommended for the elderly where skin is fragile and/or blood circulation is waning as it relieves the
pressure endured which they have been tolerating under past standards of mattress used privately in Nursing homes and Hospitals.

Having a more solid foundation of foams than previously used stops the “bottoming
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” and thus they never have to feel the base of the bed through the mattress. With a top layer of high density, low hardness, low resistance “memory foam” with a slightly lower density higher hardness second layer of foam under this gives a more comfortable firmness but allows the protrusions of the body to sink in but keeps the rest of the body in a good laying posture.

The two bottom layers provide the backing to ensure bottoming does not occur, they are both of a 35 density but hardness of 150 and 200, the latter being the fourth layer. Along the sides of the mattress are two rails of the, 35/200 foam, to allow better ability to sit on the side of the mattress without sinking down and in some cases, sliding off the bed.

These sides also have hinges cut into them to allow for the bending of the mattress during a back rest or knee break raising. This, done at both ends to allow also for rotation of the mattress 180o on a vertical axis, to prolong the life of the foams.

With a base cover of tough vinyl type material to save wear when on a metal based bed the sides and top are made of a two-way stretch, vapour permeable material, imported from Belgium.

This unique material is waterproof but allows the body vapours to pass through the fabric and out again which stops discomfort and the two-way stretch reduces the pressure on the skin in terms of shearing etc.

All seams are welded to decrease the possibility of infection control.

Both the foams and the cover are fire retardant to the relative standards and treated for hospital standards of microbiological sanitization.

Currently, we have in production a standard Nursing Home mattress 1930 mms in length, 860 mms wide and 150 mms deep.

Also there is the replacement for the old concave which has the same base as our standard but has 100 x 100 mm wings on each side which leaves ample room for a person to lay comfortably without feeling wedged in.

The Hospital model has a 360o zip to allow the procedural inspections.


  • single Pressure Reduction Mattress
  • winged mattress
  • hospital mattress & zip cover
  • custom made sizes

Biovations is the only supplier of the unique Biovations Pressure Reduction Mattress, as well as other top quality health and lifestyle products.

Our superior mattress provides a host of benefits that are so important in the providing of a better quality of life:

  • minimizes muscular and joint pain
  • reduces incidence of pressure sores
  • vapour permeable covers
  • improved infection control
  • reduces dust mite allergies

The Biovations Pressure Reduction Mattress is the number 1 authentic Australian product of its type.

Scientific scans show the cooling and pressure reduction benefits of the Biovations mattress.


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