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Biovations offers a range of products in addition to our Pressure Reduction Mattress.

Whilst we do not necessarily carry all the products within a certain range, established connections allows Biovations to make them available to you.

Such ranges include, but not restricted to:

  • electric beds / hi/low low/low and floor level
  • range of lifters
  • shower and digital scale chairs
  • stainless steel products
  • alternating air pressure mattresses
  • etc etc

Click on any of the images below to bring up a full description from our product catalogue.

1800 506609

03 9561 6681


  • Ian Roberts  0417 543 678
  • Yu Roberts   0438 988 900


 [Dynabest 5000]

 [Wombat 140kg Lifter]

 [Joey 175kg Lifter]

 [Emu 175kg (SWL) Lifter]

 [Jumbuck 240kg Lifter]

 [Boomer 350kg Lifter]

 [Reclining Backrest Shower Commode]

 [Club Chair]

 [Chair Scales

 [Shower Chair]

 [Electronic Low HiLow Bed]

 [Overbed Tables]

 [Digital Scale Chair]

 [Linen Trolleys]



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