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Now we plan to let the holiday come to us, as we lounge lazily on deck whilst the scenery drifts past. Plenty of time to enjoy the view and no discomfort involved, except perhaps the perils of over-eating, and the empty feeling in your wallet.

In the past we've been sucked in by the numerous tricks of the Travel industry, and we've learned new meanings for seemingly obvious English words such as “leisurely”. Leisurely, in the tourist industry, means getting out of bed at dawn and rushing from one attraction to the next with no time to enjoy anything at your own pace. Leisurely ? ..... I don't think so!

Not any more, however!!! Cruising is the ideal way to solve many of travel's little dilemmas (although if crossing the Alps is your thing, cruising might not be the ideal solution). This time we decided to try setting sail across the Baltic sea in our quest to travel in both comfort and style and at a pace to suit our individual needs. If ever there was a way to do this particular trip – this was it. The Orient cruise of the Baltics is an excellent choice for cruising. Most of the most boring parts of the trip are completed at night, and the interesting bits are concentrated in short but comprehensive stays at some very interesting ports along the way.

The cruise spends some time in the fiords of Norway, and this is a seriously pleasant way of passing one's time. Lying in a deck chair as huge mountains and waterfalls glide past is a hardship I can endure for protracted periods. Days of breathtaking vistas and endless food could become intoxicating and I can thoroughly recommend it. However, I am getting ahead of myself. More on the cruise in other parts of this site. So why was this web site written? Mainly for the benefit of those who may still be looking at alternatives, and to repay the Internet community which was so helpful when I was doing my research. It's also a handy forum to show off a few of the 2000+ photos I took on our travels ~ not just a sign of a dedicated photographer, but a truly obsessive personality.

Enough of this prattle, and on to the substance, and for the impatient reader this site is conveniently divided into a number of sub-sections, simply choose from the menu above and be taken to your particular topic of interest.

You won't find in-depth information on every aspect of the cruise, but you will find enough to give you an idea of what cruising is all about, and in particular THIS cruise. The more detailed stuff is everywhere on the Internet, especially the newsgroups. Use this site as a starting point for your Baltics cruise, or to give you an idea of cruising in general.

Maybe it will become just another useful site for prospective cruisers, for whom knowledge is the path to enjoyable holidays and informed cruising.

No more driving ourselves around strange countries on the wrong side of the road. No more spending hours on buses testing the robustness of our gluteus maximi.

We've decided that Cruising is the solution.  

Disclaimer: This page is one passenger's experience of the Marco Polo and the Baltic states and should not be taken as being in any way representing the views of the Orient Line, its passengers, the crew, passing seagulls or my wife. All photographic images copyright Bob Thomas











Are you constantly in search of the ideal way to travel when holidaying overseas?

Is your body several decades older than your mind? Mind raring to go ~ body not so keen?

Do you get tired just thinking about carrying bags and cases from one place to another?

Well, join the club …….we ’ve tried it every way possible …. (travel, that is).