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Click the above link to enter a page full of official web sites for all the AFL teams, below are some other AFL related Links as well as some of my other favourite sites outside of footy.  Please report any broken links, suggestions are welcome.

Official AFL Web Site

This is the official AFL Web Site run by Telstra, contains all the statistics and information on games and your favourite club

Southern OHS Solutions

OHS&W Advisory and training service provider for regional South Australia, based in Whyalla.  Audits, inspections, training, consultancy are provided by qualified and accredited chief consultant for health and safety, security and emergency planning.

Typing Services - Whyalla

Eyre Regional Typing Services - Typing and general administrative services for most business. No overheads, competitive hourly rates! Need some typing done, what about general administrative functions? Working out of Whyalla but servicing the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, and virtually most places in the world.

AFANA Organisation

Australian Football Association of North America, dedicated to bringing North American fans of Aussie Rules all the info and links they need plus local club details.

Australian Football Index

A site dedicated to providing a number of links related to football, including official and unoffical club pages, fans pages,  and other leagues, eg: SANFL, TFL and so forth.

AFL Tables

A source to obtain player statistics, such as goals, kicks etc complete for the most recent years - it is also a free site!  Log on and obtain goalkicking information from last season for your Internet Fantasy Footy team this forthcoming season!!!


A comprehensive links site in all aspects of football related interests: local leagues, afl clubs, home pages and many more

AFL Tips.Com

Another tipping competition, with a difference, it's free but has major prizes due to sponsors, and weekly prizes (and a shitload of tipsters so you won't have a chance unless you are a lucky or a master), but it also has a trivia competition which is really good and you can win your favourite team's shirt.

Footy America

A site from the USA dedicated to American Fans of Australian Rules Football that includes discussion boards and plenty of links for US based sites.  Also provides information on the game in America and frequent surveys to vote on specific topics.

United States Australian Football League

In 2000, the USA had something like 175 teams playing in leagues around the country, making it the largest Aussie Rules League outside of Australia.  Log onto USFooty to see how these teams are going and this great country is supporting the most exciting game in the world.

California Australian Football League

CalFooty is a site providing news, history and information about one of the larger Australian Rules leagues in the USA, the state of California.  

New Zealand Australian Football League

Our friends across the Tasman support a lot of Australian stuff and it is no wonder that you will find three different leagues over there of Aussie Rules (the logo right, is the Auckland league).

Canadian Australian Football Association

Did you know that Greg Rowe (star of Storm Boy & Blue Fin) had a major influence in the set up of the Canadian Leagues and captained one of the sides until recent retirement?  Canada was one of the first of this batch of recent expanding Leagues overseas and will be part of the World Cup in Melbourne 2002.

Danish Australian Football League

Boasting itself as the largest Australian Football League outside the english speaking world the Danes have got our sport downpact and regularly compete with an allstars side against a British one. Also the Danish pride themselves in now only having about a 50% rate of Aussies actually playing, the rest are Danes, the best rate overseas.

British Australian Rules Football League

Unfortunately they boast the worst acronym incorporating the AFL component and the Brits who dislike the sport often now refer to it as 'Barf-full'.  The British League does contain a number of ex-pat Aussies who get their release and like all other overseas leagues continues to expand.


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